Image by dayamay from Pixabay

Fecal transplants to help save koalas

Poo transplants are helping expand koala microbiomes, allowing the marsupials to eat a wider range of eucalypts and possibly survive habitat loss. A study featuring University of Queensland researchers has analysed and altered microbes in koalas’ guts, finding that a faecal transplant may influence what species of eucalypt koalas can feed on. UQ School of […]

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How conserving nature’s ‘umbrella’ species could benefit whole habitats

In conservation, charismatic mammals and birds such as the black rhinoceros and the capercaillie get a lot of attention, while others, like invertebrates, are often ignored. One way of addressing this problem is to focus on protecting “umbrella species”. These are species whose conservation can benefit many others, especially those that rely on similar habitats. […]

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New feeding station in Serbia aims to improve food opportunities for vultures

Fantastic news for vultures in the Balkans – conservationists are building a new feeding station in Serbia, which means safer food availability for these scavengers! Building a feeding station in Pešter Our colleagues from the Special Nature Reserve of Pešteresko Polje together with the Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia/BirdLife Serbia, have launched an […]

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