We need to talk about…Extinction

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In this monthly podcast, Guardian supporters share their experiences and put questions to a panel of journalists and industry experts. This episode focuses on the demise of many aspects of the natural world.

How can conservation be rebalanced with development? With finite resources available, who decides which species should be saved, and how is that decided? How can governments better commit to implementing sustainable, collaborative and international policies? And what can we do to save the many endangered species locally and globally?

These are just some of the questions Guardian supporters asked host and Executive Editor for Membership Lee Glendinning to put to our panel in this edition of We Need to Talk About.

Joining Lee is Dr Nisha Owen, who runs the Zoological Society of London’s international EDGE of Existence programme, focusing on species prioritisation, conservation action and capacity building, Tony Juniper, Executive Director for Advocacy and Campaigns at WWF-UK and George Monbiot, environmental writer and campaigner, and Guardian columnist.

If you enjoy this pod, and want to catch up with the rest of the series, you can listen to discussions on topics ranging from Brexit and nationalism to the rise of veganism here. Guardian supporters can also suggest future topics for discussion by emailing us at weneedtotalkabout@theguardian.com.

Article Source: The Guardian