Snow Leopard Live Chat: Women in Conservation

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Checking in with our field teams

Like many of you, in order to ensure the safety of ourselves and our communities, we are all finding ourselves adjusting to new recommendations and protocols of remaining home. Normally, many of our field staff are often in remote, mountainous, snow leopard habitat for long stretches of the year without access to regular communications channels. So we thought it would be a good opportunity to check in with them and share some of the important work they are doing to protect snow leopards.

We will be hosting Live Events on our Facebook page where we will be talking with some of our snow leopard experts about the conservation work that they do.  These live sessions will be geared towards families who may be looking for some science content to add to their homeschool routines, but they are really for anyone who wants to learn about snow leopards, their habitat, and what is being done to protect them.

Watch the first Snow Leopard Live Chat

Our first Snow Leopard Live Chat, featuring Snow Leopard Trust’s Regional Ecologist, Dr. Justine Shanti Alexander, aired on April 10th.  For those who don’t have a Facebook account, we will be posting all future chats here on our blog as well as our YouTube channel. Please enjoy Justine’s chat on Women in Snow Leopard Conservation and stay tuned for future talks.

A little bit about Justine

Justine is a conservation scientist working as the Regional Ecologist for the Snow Leopard Trust. She is also the Executive Director of the Snow Leopard Network. Her work over the last 9 years has been dedicated to building snow leopard science and strengthening conservation action across the range. Justine completed her PhD on snow leopard population assessments in China. She now supports research and community conservation programs across the snow leopard range countries, including China, Kyrgyzstan, India, Mongolia and Pakistan. Justine’s vision is the harmonious and sustainable co-existence of large mammals and humans in Central Asia.

Looking for more snow leopard activities & resources?

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Article Source: Snow Leopard Trust