Image by Sandeep Handa from Pixabay

Paper wasps capable of behavior that we consider part of logical reasoning

Paper wasps may be much more intelligent than you’d assume. “It’s Dr. Paper Wasp, buddy.” Image credits Sandeep Handa. One of the traits that have traditionally been considered a hallmark of human-like mental abilities is transitive interference. Transitive interference (or TI) is the ability to use known relationships to infer unknown relationships. Here’s an example: […]

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U.S. Celebrating Endangered Species Day on May 17

  Events Planned at Zoos, Nature Centers and other Venues Washington, D.C. – On Friday, May 17, thousands of Americans are gathering to participate in Endangered Species Day events across the country, in recognition of our nation’s commitment to protecting and restoring our disappearing wildlife. This is the 14th annual international Endangered Species Day, which […]

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Bearded vulture. Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay

Latest edition of Alpine Bearded Vulture news bulletin infoGipeto published

The return of the Bearded Vulture to the Alps was a result of dedication of passionate conservationists in countries across the the whole of the Alpine range demonstrating the importance of international cooperation to successful conservation projects, just like the birds themselves, the conservation of vultures know no borders. The international cooperation that was at […]

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