Credit: Washington State University.

Scientists develop plant-based, environmentally-friendly alternative to Styrofoam

Researchers have developed a plant-based material that has better insulating properties than Styrofoam and can support up to 200 times its own weight without changing shape. Styrofoam is a widely used constructions material which is made out of toxic ingredients, requires petroleum for its manufacturing, and pollutes the environment when burnt. For some time, Amir […]

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Image by Sandeep Handa from Pixabay

Paper wasps capable of behavior that we consider part of logical reasoning

Paper wasps may be much more intelligent than you’d assume. “It’s Dr. Paper Wasp, buddy.” Image credits Sandeep Handa. One of the traits that have traditionally been considered a hallmark of human-like mental abilities is transitive interference. Transitive interference (or TI) is the ability to use known relationships to infer unknown relationships. Here’s an example: […]

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For the first time, renewable energy generated more electricity than coal in the United States

Credit: Pixabay. In April, green energy provided more electricity than coal-fired power plants in the United States. Although coal will likely still dominate over renewable energy throughout the rest of the year, this situation was unthinkable only five years ago. The trend seems clear: renewable energy is growing faster than forecasted and is bound to […]

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