Rebecca Albright in the California Academy of Science's darkroom where they are working on coral spawning and restoration efforts. Tara Lohan

Saving Coral Reefs — With Sex

Visitors walk slowly through a room of dimmed lights and glowing tanks that bring the mysteries of the sea into plain view. The Steinhart Aquarium at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco is home to 900 different species — everything from brightly colored reef fish to prickly sea urchins, even an albino alligator […]

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The Sixth Cat

This is Costa Rica, right? Having knocked the mud off my wet boots, I peeled off my even wetter socks and I sat on a bench inside my small room. My rain-soaked trousers were next. I still had to remove my rain jacket and three layers but my pallid fingers, shriveled and white from the […]

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