Hong Kong restaurants take shark fin off the menu – in pictures

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Conservationists have welcomed the decision by Maxim’s, one of Hong Kong’s biggest restaurant chains, to ban shark fin at all of its outlets from January 2020
WildAid members protest outside a Maxim’s restaurant on Hong Kong University campus. Photograph: Alex Hofford/WildAid HK

The practice is damaging shark populations, with numbers drastically declining around the world. While blue sharks make up the majority, many other species are also targeted including the endangered scalloped hammerhead and the smooth hammerhead.


Photograph: Paul Hilton/WildAid HK


Shark fin soup is a cultural dish in Hong Kong, dating back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279). But in recent years there has been growing public awareness of the shark fin trade and the need for conservation management.

Photograph: Paul Hilton/WildAid HK

Most of the fins come from blue sharks, seen here swimming in the cool waters of the Azores, Atlantic ocean.

Article Source: The Guardian (full story here)