Animals take medicine when they are sick: a few striking cases

Humans are not the only ones to use medicine to treat diseases. There’s even a science dedicated to animal self-medication: zoopharmacognosy, from the roots zoo (“animal”), pharma (“drug”), and gnosis (“knowing”). Who knew?   Humans have been medicating using plants for thousands of years — but we’re not the only ones. Our understanding of animals […]

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Credit: Aedes Albopictus.

Genetically modified fungus wipes out 99% of malaria-carrying mosquitoes

Although progress in combating malaria has been phenomenal, the mosquito-borne infectious disease is now on the rise in the most affected countries in Africa. Worldwide, about 220 million people are infected each year by a dangerous parasite that is transmitted to humans through the bites of infected mosquitoes. Naturally, scientists looking to eradicate malaria are […]

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